John Roxburgh Smith is a Hamilton-based artist, musician, and director working in the fields of video, audio art, light, interactive installation, and mixed-media 2D work. He is a co-founder of Hamilton’s monthly light & projection-art initiative OPTICKS.

He has received two Prism Prize nominations for his work with music videos, which have also been featured by The New York Times, Wired, Mashable, CBC, The Daily Mail, BBC, Metro UK, and broadcast internationally.

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Strange Process - Halloween Dreams
Zoon - Bleaced Waaves
Mav Karlo - There In The Morning There In The Night
Jessy Lanza Never Show Your Love Directed by John Smith

Noah Thirty Album Artwork by John Smith

Noah Thirty

Jessy Lanza John Smith
Wigglegram Music Video Young Rival

Allie X

Allie X Science Analogue director

Allie X

Two Reasons Face Makeup Artist James Kuhn
Young Rival Elevator

Strange Process Scanner Animation Test
CBC John Smith

Teen Ravine Still