John Roxburgh Smith is a Hamilton-based artist, musician, and director working in the fields of video, audio art, light, interactive installation, and mixed-media 2D work. He is a co-founder of Hamilton’s monthly light & projection-art initiative OPTICKS.

He has received two Prism Prize nominations (2012 short-listed, 2017 long-listed) for his work with music videos, which have also been featured by The New York Times, Wired, Mashable, CBC, The Daily Mail, BBC, Metro UK, and broadcast internationally.

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August 2019: Memory Castle is out now on all major streaming platforms (click here to stream). You can also purchase digitally via bandcamp.

Update: Vinyl is all gone :O

July 2019: The debut Strange Process album, "Memory Castle" will be available August 9th. Super limited edition of 10 vinyl are being made available and pre-orders available over on bandcamp.
Memory Castle